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The plakar ls command is used to list snapshots or resources within snapshots, without restoring them.


plakar ls

plakar ls <snapshotID>

plakar ls <snapshotID>:/path/to/directory

plakar ls <snapshotID>:/path/to/filename


Listing the content of a repository, then the content of a snapshot’s /privte/etc directory and displaying the last 3 entries:

$ plakar ls
2023-08-13T08:11:47Z  6b8987eb    3.0 MB        0s /private/etc
2023-08-13T08:11:48Z  e1a571c6    3.0 MB        0s /private/etc
2023-08-13T08:11:48Z  b00c1e5d    3.0 MB        0s /private/etc
$ plakar ls b0:/private/etc | tail -3
2023-05-12T22:29:20Z -r--r--r--     root    wheel    255 B zprofile
2023-05-12T22:29:20Z -r--r--r--     root    wheel   3.1 kB zshrc
2023-05-12T22:29:20Z -rw-r--r--     root    wheel   9.3 kB zshrc_Apple_Terminal