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The plakar create command creates a new plakar repository.

By default, the repository is created in ~/.plakar, with compression and encryption enabled.

Compression can be disabled with the -no-compression option, but it is advised to leave it enabled: its overhead is insignificant and there’s no point in setting up a deduplicated repository and not using compression in the first place.

Encryption is also quite cheap however, unlike compression, there are cases where it’s desirable to run a cleartext repository. In such cases, the -no-encryption option can be used.


plakar [on /path/to/directory] create [-no-encryption] [-no-compression]


The repository is created with encryption and compression enabled in ~/.plakar by default:

$ plakar create

A repository without encryption can be created as such:

$ plakar create -no-encryption

An alternate path may be provided as such:

$ plakar on ~/plakars/myplakar create -no-encryption