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plakar cleanup cleans the repository of any chunk or object no longer referenced in a snapshot.

This command is only useful if snapshots are removed from the repository. It scans the chunks and objects in the repository, then checks if at least one snapshot makes use of them. It executes relatively fast but requires locking, so it shouldn’t be called unless necessary and will prevent snapshots to happen during execution.


plakar cleanup


Check the size of a ~/.plakar, remove snapshot 973, size has not changed:

$ du -sh ~/.plakar
957M    /Users/gilles/.plakar

$ plakar rm 973

$ du -sh ~/.plakar
957M    /Users/gilles/.plakar

Run plakar cleanup to reclaim any orphan chunk or object, then check size again:

$ plakar cleanup

$ du -sh ~/.plakar
439M    /Users/gilles/.plakar